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October 2018 Formed with guitar DOKU ITO and vocal Hiromi Otsu, searching for members. The standard is a guy with good looks.

December 2018 Started with Hiroyuki Shimizu drums and Kiichi Akiyama bass.


January 2019 First stage under the name "Reggapeti" at the Tom Petty Memorial Event. Tom Petty's music on the reggae range. As an assistant, Noriko Iimura (from fuyuriko) participated in the chorus, Mayumi Kato participated, and Yohei Tamaki participated in the harmonica (both in the Egottaman group).


May 2019 Kiiichi Akiyama withdrew from the base, and he's really busy with motorcycle racing, but it's cool, so I said "I was fired because I liked Masashi Masuda", so I will write it in the history book as well.


June 2019 Joined Kobayashi Masaki. There is no doubt about the look! The base arm comes with origami. I just left Crazy Cox, who had been with me for many years, and this is my destiny.
Joined at the legendary "Kinuchan Shokudo".


July 2019 Drum Shimizu leaves due to poor physical condition. It's been less than a week before the next live... I'm really surprised...
Did you make a pick-up at the cheapest Chinese restaurant "Ichibankan" under the studio after the rehearsal in Nakano? Was it picked up? I remember Sato, a drummer who also handles reggae. Contact us immediately to participate. Of course the look is perfect.


August 2019 Sato can't participate in the first live in August.
Kuniaki Bando, who is a chan who participated in a session at "Tonga" in Yoyogi a few days ago, participated.


Youth Sato-chan, Yoichi Sato, is welcomed as an official member. Re-started as a new Daps.




Years active:



Rock & Reggae


Tokyo, Japan

Guitar  DOKU ITO

Born and raised in both Tokyo

When I was in junior high school, I woke up to rock with KISS, QUEEN, etc. and got an electric guitar.
Listen to punk, blues, reggae, etc. with ROLLING STONES at the top.
We are active in various bands including Junky Monkey.

Currently in parallel with Daps, Vo & Gt in rock'n'roll band CRY, and is also active in solo playing and talking.

Bass / vocal McKee

Born 1966 in Kami-Itabashi

Currently living in Nakano through Arashiyama, Hatoyama, Takasaka, Utsunomiya, Fussa, Hachioji, Tachikawa, Ikebukuro, Nishi-Ogikita, and Nishi-Oginami.

Formed The Taxman in the second year of middle school.
Then in high school the mod band The Shout.

, Participated in Mods May Day, March of the Mods, etc., and since 2012, has been active at TheCrazyCocks, withdrew in 2019, and joined Daps by being hired by Hiromi and Ito last year.

He loves British culture, Jim Jarmusch and whiskey ...


Drum Yoichi Sato

Born in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture

Back window, GEIL, MickeyFinn, Seameal, W.N.W and so on.
At W.N.W., he got his hands on reggae and joined Daps with a good deal.

Currently, he is also active in Fracture and hasband.


Vocal Hiromi Otsu

After being picked up by a midwife in Tochigi City, I moved around Kanto ...

Woke up to GS at Tigers in kindergarten. Since then I like red clothes.

Encountered Takuro in elementary school and became a folk captain, but Julie played the Rolling Stones.

I fell in love with rock when I knew that I liked it. Stones became interested in reggae because he started reggae in the repertoire, and was knocked out after seeing Bob Marley in high school.

The hair is dread for a long time, but the reggae band is actually the first dapps.



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